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Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Familiarisation Course

EV & hybrid driving course car being charged at a motorway service station

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Familiarisation Course plus Defensive Driving

The course is designed for drivers who have never driven or are considering driving a hybrid or EV. Companies use the training as a way of familiarising drivers with the vehicle in order to sell the idea of a change in fleet policy to meet the company's carbon footprint target. If your fleet has a planned changeover to hybrid or electric vehicles, we can incorporate the specfic features of that make into the theory session, and if feasible, have that model available for the vehicle inspection exercise and the in vehicle training. 

09:00 Group Discussion – classroom

Examine the risks to which each driver is exposed on a daily basis. Personal fitness to drive, journey planning. Information available. Vehicle checks, tyre maintenance.  An introduction to concept of Defensive Driving and the benefits of driving in a way to anticipate and compensate for approaching hazards.

An introduction to the hybrid / EV. 

How it works
Dispelling the myths
Regular checks
Information recorded
Maintenance and Servicing
Best driving practice
Range and recharging 

11:00 (approximately) In-vehicle Training – covering urban, rural and motorway conditions

Extended physical checks of vehicle, charging points and operation.

Driver eyesight and licence check

Assessment drive by course delegates

Demonstration drive from trainer with commentary on specific techniques for maximising range

Review and feedback on each drive

Second drive by delegates with tuition and advice as required

Practical session will cover urban and rural roads and motorways

16:00  Course review and feedback

Drivers receive a written report and certificate of attendance after the course.

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