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Course Booking Terms & Conditions

Course Booking Terms & Conditions

Training Facilities

We will provide a computer and data projector for courses with a theory session. If the meeting room has a wired in projection system we will use that if it is compatible with our computer.

If the course is held on your premises we will need a suitable room that can comfortably accommodate the delegates and lead trainer.

In Vehicle Training

For courses with a practical session, the delegate to instructor ratio is your choice. In cars this can be up to 3:1 but we do recommend a 2:1 ratio as it gives each delegate more driving time. In the case of commercial vehicles the maximum ratio is determined by the seating capacity of the cab. We will always aim to supply you with the agreed number of instructors. If you make late changes to the number of delegates we may be unable to provide extra instructors, so the in vehicle training ratio may increase. You will only be charged for the number of instructors who attend the course.

Hire Vehicles

If required, we can provide hire vehicles for the practical session. We can also insure hired vehicles for both delegates and instructors to drive. Hire, fuel and any insurance costs will be recharged to you after the course. Ideally we require 24 hours notice.


Please ensure that your insurance policy covers both the delegates and the instructors to drive the company vehicle for the whole period of the in vehicle session. If you are not sure of the extent of your cover please consult your insurance department or broker.

Practical training can be conducted in a private vehicle that is used on company business. However this will have to be done on a 1:1 ratio as it is unlikely that the insurer will be willing to extend cover for other delegates to drive, or for our instructor to drive. Therefore the instructor will not be able to give a demonstration drive in a private car. The vehicle must also be insured for business use.

In circumstances where you are training drivers who use private vehicles on business, the best option is to match them up with the driver of a company vehicle, or ask us to provide and insure a hire vehicle for you.

Payment Terms

Our normal practice is to invoice you the week of the course. Payment due 30 days after the course date.

We do however reserve the right to ask for payment in full 30 days before the course date, or for a part payment for any deposits that we may have to pay for external training facilities, e.g. skid pans, skid cars, LGV hire, meeting rooms etc.


We will always do our best, if given sufficient notice to accommodate any changes in course location, delegate numbers, or dates, without penalty to you providing that we are able to reallocate training staff to alternative fee earning jobs.

Should this not be possible then 50% of the course fees will be payable if the cancellation is made within 10 working days of the course date. The full course fees will be payable if the cancellation is made within five working days of the course date.

Please note that we will always invoice at the agreed instructor day rate for the agreed number of instructors. For example, if you book a course for six drivers with an in vehicle training ratio of 2:1, we will provide three instructors. If only four drivers attend on the day we will still invoice for the three instructors.

Our fees include all of our travelling and accommodation expenses unless stated otherwise. VAT is added at the prevailing rate.

We reserve the right to charge interest on late payments at bank base rate plus 2% compounded monthly.


Refreshments are not included in the course fees unless agreed with you in advance. For a full one day part theory-part practical course, you may wish to provide refreshments before the course starts and at the end of the theory session. We recommend that you do not provide lunch at the course venue but instead allow each group to make their own arrangements on the day while they are out on the road e.g. with a petty cash arrangement or expenses claim. Delegates returning to the venue for lunch may be distracted and often go missing to make phone calls etc which wastes valuable training time. Not having to return to the course venue for lunch also allows the trainer to plan a route over a larger area taking in a greater variety of road conditions.

Copyright & Confidentiality

We retain all proprietary rights, copyrights and intellectual property rights on all course materials whether written, verbal, audio visual or any other format. Please do not copy or reproduce in whole or in part any materials supplied on any training course without prior written permission from us. Any copies shall at all times remain the sole property of Defensive Driver Training Limited and shall be subject to these terms and conditions. All course material is confidential and must not be disclosed or made available to any third party whatsoever.

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