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Post Accident Rehabilitation Driver Training

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Post Road Traffic Accident  - Driver Rehabilitation and Retraining Course

The Management of Road Risk policies of a number of our clients insist on a full analysis of any serious road traffic incidents that could potentially or did result in injury to a company driver.  The purpose of this is to learn from the experience and share that knowledge with other drivers in the company.

The instructor is a former Police Traffic Officer with training in accident investigation.  The course is conducted on a 1:1 ratio with a full analysis of the conditions prevailing at the time of the course.

The driver - were they fit, healthy and not tired or receiving medication? What hours had been worked that day or week.  Were there any personal issues that may have affected their concentration or decision making?

The vehicle - service history, maintenance, suitability for the task etc.

The road conditions -  congestion,  time allocated for the journey, weather etc.

The instructor then reviews the circumstances leading up to the incident and if feasible will retrace the route taken to analyse what went wrong, what the driver might have been able to anticipate and what the driver's best course of action would have been to avoid being involved in the incident.

A full report is prepared for both the driver and the client company with any recommendations that can be instigated to avoid a reoccurrence.  Some clients will publish this on their internal intranet so that other drivers can benefit from the lessons learnt.

This driver training course is also appropriate for drivers who may have lost their confidence having been involved in an accident as a passenger,  or drivers who have developed phobias such as being unable to cope with motorway driving.

The driver training is conducted in a sympathetic manner and at a pace that the delegate can cope with. The circumstances of each case tend to be different and we tailor the course accordingly.

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