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Post Driving Ban Driver Training Courses

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Post Driving Ban  - Driver Assessment and Refresher Driver Training Course

This course is designed for drivers regaining their entitlement to drive following a ban. The training ratio can be 1:1 or 2:1.

The course  is tailored depending on the circumstances of the ban. For example if it was caused by an accumulation of penalty points for speeding a large  part of the content will be based on the Speed Awareness Course programme.

If the  ban was as a result of a conviction e.g. driving without due care and attention or dangerous driving, the circumstances of the incident will be analysed and possible solutions to prevent a reoccurrence discussed.

A full report is prepared for both the driver and the client company with any recommendations that can be instigated to avoid a reoccurrence.

The circumstances of each case tend to be different and we tailor the driver training course accordingly.

Defensive Driver Training

We are one of the UK’s leading corporate driver training companies specialising in providing Defensive and Advanced driving courses to wide variety of clients from almost every sector of the UK economy including banking, the petro-chemical industry, property,  pharmaceuticals,  electricity & gas,  energy generation and distribution, local authorities, NHS Trusts and government agencies... read more

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