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Fuel Efficient Driving Course

EcoSave Green Driving Defensive Driving Course

Fuel Efficient Advanced Driving Course - All vehicle types

This part theory - part practical advanced driving course is designed to reduce fuel consumption. The course raises drivers' awarness of advanced/defensive driving techniques that can be easily incorporated into everyday driving styles. A progamme of training for 700 London based van drivers for a major energy company, showed fuel savings of 11% following the course. Defensive driving techniques are fundamental to fuel efficient driving.  Drivers and fleet operators will also benefit from reduced claims costs and improved safety. 

The theory session consists of an introduction to the principles of defensive and fuel efficient driving.

simple techniques and checks that contribute to fuel efficient driving are discussed including

regular vehicle POWDER checks including tyre condition, tracking and inflation

removal of unnecessary loads

anticipation and planning to keep the the wheels moving - vision-decision

the fuel saving derived from knowing the difference between speeding and making good safe progress

advanced driving techniques inlcuding unnecessary gear changes, brakes to slow - gear to go

journey planning and routes 

The In Vehicle Training  starts with a thorough vehicle check to identify any fuel wasting issues e.g. incorrect tyre pressures, unnecessary heavy items in the boot. Each delegate has an assessment drive with the number of gear changes noted. Our Instructor will then give a demonstration drive with a commentary to show just how far ahead it is possible to plan. The principles of a "Systematic" approach based on the police advanced driving manual "Roadcraft" will be demonstrated in this drive.  The emphasis is on observation, anticipation and planning,  and gear changing techniques.

Each driver takes a second turn behind the wheel and receives helpful tuition and advice. A before and after comparision is completed on gear changes and fuel consumption ( subject to the vehicle having an on board meter or computer).

The course finishes around 4:00 p.m. with a review of the day and questions.

The ideal in vehicle training ratio is two delegates to one instructor. 

Course Fees
The course can be delivered at any UK location. All we need is a meeting room and an insured vehicle for the practical session. The fee is £360 plus VAT for the trainer for the day at any UK location.  Therefore a one day course for two drivers would be £380 plus VAT on a 2:1 in vehicle ratio, a course for four drivers would be £760 plus VAT.

Driver Reports
After the course each driver will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a full written report which will highlight any areas that can be improved by adopting advanced driving techniques that will improve safety and fuel consumption.

You will also receive feedback on other items such as vehicle condition, eyesight checks and any other safety related suggestions that may help.

If you have any questions or require further information please call us on 01384 442233 or complete our enquiry form here. 

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