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Vehicle Familiarisation Driver Training Course

Vehicle Familiarisation Course

New Vehicle Familiarisation Driving Course

This advanced driving course is designed to help any driver with getting used to driving an unfamiliar vehicle safely. This may be a car driver being asked to drive a van for the first time, or a situation where the vehicle may have been adapted for a special purpose. Examples include bank staff being asked to drive a mobile bank in rural locations.  Or medical staff being asked to drive a vehicle adapted as a mobile clinic or exhibition/information service. Or council staff being asked to drive a mobile library within their district or town. 

We recommend a one-day part theory - part practical course as a minimum. Further training may be recommended at the end of the course should the trainer feel that a driver needs more help.   Up to two delegates per trainer day can be accommodated in a vehicle with a three seat cab.   

At the end of the course the drivers will be

 familiar with the features of the vehicle
 aware of the dimensions, particularly height
 able to manoeuvre the vehicle within restricted areas
 able to reverse the vehicle safely with assistance where appropriate
 able to operate safely any additional equipment fitted
 drive the vehicle safely in a range of road conditions

Course Programme  

The theory session starts with a discussion on background and experience of participants and licence checks to ensure eligibility for the specific class of vehicle.  We then examine the nature of the vehicle and identify any features that are unique to it or new to the drivers.  The importance of knowing the physical dimensions and weight of the vehilce is emphasised, particularly as this can affect access to roads subjec to height or weight restrictions. The differences in speed limits and type of roads applicable to that vehicle are also explained.  

The practical driving session begins with an eyesight check as used on the normal driving test.  Details can be found here.  The walk-round vehicle inspection will begin with a demonstration of the daily checks before examining specific features of the vehicle including the operation of any additional equipment fitted such as hydraulic platforms for disabled access.  The in-cab information on height, weight etc is located and explained.   

If there is sufficient space availabe we start with manoeuvring exercises in a suitable off-road location to allow drivers to become familiar with the vehicle, this will include reversing and parking and exercises in estimating its height & width. If space is limited the trainer may drive the vehicle to a suitable location for this exercise.

Once drivers are comfortable with handling the vehicle they will take to the road network. If suitable road systems are available on site they will be used to allow the driver to gain further confidence in a low trafficked area before taking to the public road network. Depending on the experience of the drivers the trainer may give an initial drive to take the vehicle to an area suitable for training.

Drivers will have the opportunity to drive on a variety of road types and receive coaching from the trainer. At the end of the day there will be review of the training and each driver will receive feedback on their performance with recommendations for further self development. If the trainer feels that a delegate may need further help e.g. in reversing, this will be discussed with the driver and the client and a course of action agreed. 

A written report and Certificate will be issued for each driver shortly after the course.

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