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Drivers are urged to test eyesight 


Drivers  are being asked to check their own eyesight after a survey found that half do not know what the required minimum standards are to hold a licence.  Drivers must be able to read a car number plate from 20 metres away. But a recent poll by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)  found that half of those questioned did not know that this was the legal limit.   

The easiest way to make a quick check is to take 21 good paces away from a car ( about five car lengths) and see if you can read the number plate.  If you have to move a bit nearer then you need to see an optician.  We start all of our in vehicle sessions with an eyesight check.  If a driver has to shuffle forwards from that distance to read the number plate, at best they are borderline and need to see an optician urgently

Our record for a driver having to get nearer to read the number plate is staggering.  Two drivers on a course both failed to read the number plate at 20 metres.  The first driver finally managed it when they were about five paces away from the plate, and the second driver at three paces.  We abandoned the course and the trainer drove both people to Specsavers instead.  Both had driven to work that morning. 


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