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1793 Die on UK Roads in 2017

Deaths on UK roads in 2017 stay at 2016 levels. 

Five people per day were killed on UK roads in 2017.  This is almost identical to the 2016 figure of 1792.   Serious injuries amounted to 24831 which is a staggering 68 people per day.  All casualties were 170993 which is 468 people per day. It is widely accepted that most slight injuries are not reported so the real figure is probably considerably higher.

Nevertheless, five avoidable deaths per day has a massive repercussion on the deceased families and friendss. But it does compare favourably with the 17 people per day who were being killed in 1979.  Safety technology in cars, safer roads, better medical treatment and higher traffic density have all contributed to the reduction.  A more demanding driving test and higher levels of occupational and advanced driver training have also played their part. 

By vehicle type, 787 were car drivers or passengers, 470 pedestrians, 349 motor bikers, 101 cyclists and 86 other.   Motor bikers remain the most vulnerable road users with a fatality rate of 117% per billion miles traveled compared with 1.9% for car occupants. 


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