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Speed Awareness Driver Training Courses

Defensive Driver Training - image of speed camera

Speed Awareness Driver Training Course

This one day course is designed for drivers who may give cause for concern with their attitude to speed or who are accumulating penalty points over a short period and are in danger of receiving a compulsory driving ban.  Maximum delegate to Instructor ratio is 2:1.

The theory session consists of

A discussion on the need for speed limits to protect vulnerable road users, including drivers. The appropriateness of current limits and why they catch out experienced drivers.

A  brief overview of the casualty figures for Britain and a look at the contribution made by speed.
A look at the mathematical reality of speed
Reaction times - distance travelled and time available
Physical effects of speed on drivers.
The implications of speed and fatigue.
Planning for speed -how the System of vehicle control can be applied to prepare a safe driving plan and making progress without speed.
Vehicle Dynamics - Maintaining the stability of the vehicle at given speeds, positioning for optimum vision, road holding and safety.

In Vehicle Training

A practical driver training session to apply the techniques discussed in a variety of road situations.


Review of the main issues covered and opportunity to raise questions. Another opportunity to complete the speed questionnaire to identify any shift in attitude towards speed.

Driver Reports
After the course each driver will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a full written report which will highlight any areas that can be improved. If we identify any drivers who we feel would benefit from further help, their report is fast tracked and we will discreetly contact you and arrange a further 1:1 in vehicle session.
You will also receive feedback on other items such as vehicle condition, eyesight checks and any other safety related suggestions that may help. . 

More Information?

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