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Trailer Towing Driver Training Course

Defensive Driver Training - image of 4x4 vehicle and trailer

Trailer Towing Courses - One Day

Drivers who passed their car driving test on or after 1 January 1997, may now need to pass a separate test (licence category B+E) to tow a trailer or caravan weighing over 750kg MAM, and where the MAM of the combination of towing vehicles in category B and trailer exceeds 3500kg.

MAM is the maximum Authorised Mass (weight) also known as the gross vehicle weight. It is the weight of the trailer plus the weight of the maximum permitted payload.

The ideal training ratio is two delegates to one instructor.  Clients will need to provide a suitable vehicle and trailer for the course.

This one-day driver training course can be held at any location in the UK or Ireland covers

 Trailer construction
 Braking systems and their effect
 Safety Considerations
 Legal Requirements
 Coping with emergencies and breakdowns
 Tractor and trailer weight ratios.

 The practical session will include manoeuvring and reversing exercises
 Coupling and uncoupling procedures
 Breakdowns and changing wheels
 Loading and weight distribution.

Driver Reports
After the course each driver will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a full written report which will highlight any areas that can be improved. If we identify any drivers who we feel would benefit from further help, their report is fast tracked and we will discreetly contact you and arrange a further 1:1 in vehicle session.
You will also receive feedback on other items such as vehicle condition, eyesight checks and any other safety related suggestions that may help. . 

More Information?

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