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Driver CPC Roadcraft Advanced Driving

Defensive Driver Training - image of Roadcraft bookuck

JAUPT Approved CPC Driver Training Course CRS11700/259  "Roadcraft" Module

"Roadcraft" Advanced Driving - Duration 3.5 hours

This module is a step up on the Defensive Driving Module and introduces drivers to the System of Vehicle Control developed for use by the emergency services from the publication Roadcraf, the bible of the Advanced Driver.

Delegates work in small groups to analyse typical scenarios and to identify steps that could have been taken to prevent the incident from happening.

It sets out the features of the system:

Information: a continuous process of all round observation, identifying hazards fixed, moving & environmental

Position: placing the vehicle for safety, vision, direction and progress

Speed: always appropriate for the situation

Gear: selection of the appropriate gear for maximum control

Acceleration: to clear the hazard safely

The application of the system at junctions,  roundabouts, overtaking and on the motorway will be discussed. The session concludes with a knowledge check quiz

Each delegate receives a Certificate of Attendance.

Combine this module with one of our other 3.5 hour modules to create a JAUPT approved seven hour driver CPC course. Both modules must be delivered on one day or in a 24 hour period to qualify for 7 hours CPC Periodic Training attendance

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