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Driver CPC Fitness & Health

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JAUPT Approved CPC Driver Training Course CRS11700/259 Drivers Fitness & Health

Drivers Fitness & Health Module - Duration 3.5 Hour

This module examines the driver's personal health and  fitness and the law and how a driver can influence and enhance their own well being and safety.  Topics covered include  medical standards for vocational licences including vision, diabetes, psychiatric  illness, cardiac health and reporting changes in health to the licensing authorities.

Personal health  topics include, diet and fitness, fatigue, the use of drugs,prescription, over the counter and recreational,  alcohol and smoking

The module will include a multiple choice knowledge check quiz at the conclusion

Combine this module with one of our other 3.5 hour modules to create a JAUPT approved seven hour driver CPC course. The two modules must be delivered in one day or in a 24 hour period to qualify for seven hours of CPC Periodic training.

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